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Services & Tools

Focus & Execute offers:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
    A two-day session looks at the organization's Focus & Execute Plan, examines your mission, vision, values and strategy, reviews the Focus & Execute Web-based tool, and assists the team in creating their Focus & Execute Plans.
  • Focus & Execute Web-based Tool
    The Focus & Execute Web-based tool is unique. It is the only online and on-demand software tool capable of helping lead strategic plan creation and manage execution. Focus & Execute was created by leadership experts - not software engineers or accountants. This leadership process and tool was built upon proven principles and 25 years of implementation experience. It is designed around the way people think, lead and behave.
  • Executive Coaching
    Once strategy has been articulated, we provide Executive Coaching around three core behaviors required to build a focus and execute a culture of discipline: Creating a personal plan, one-on-one discussions and monthly business reviews.
  • Quality Work-Out
    The Quality Work-Out is a leadership process to quickly diagnose organizational misalignments and create solutions. The Quality Work-Out is representative of the seven quality criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award. Quality Work-Outs are a facilitation-intensive, fast-moving process pulling the right collection of people together to quickly diagnose, make recommendations and begin immediate implementation.
  • Leadership Training
    As a former Franklin Covey Alliance Partner, we use the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People™ leadership development workshop to prepare an organization for change.
  • Baldrige Quality Award Preparation
    For clients serious about building a quality organization, using Focus & Execute becomes the process and tool helping implement 80 percent of the seven Baldrige criteria. The criteria exactly match the Focus & Execute process.
  • Balanced Scorecard Implementation
    Focus & Execute has de-mystified the process of creating an effective Scorecard process. We bring Scorecards to the masses versus just Fortune 500 companies. The Focus & Execute tool integrates the Balanced Scorecard perspectives into its planning and measurement components.