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Quality Work-Out

Jack Welch was very successful as the CEO of GE in transforming GE from a large conglomerate "to have the speed and agility of a small enterprise." One method he used to accomplish this was the GE Work-Out, which is the foundation for the Quality Work-Out.

The Quality Work-Out is a leadership process to quickly diagnose organizational misalignments and create solutions. Quality is representative of the seven quality criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award. A high-performing organization aligns their systems, structures and processes with these seven quality criteria.

Quality Work-Outs are a facilitation-intensive, fast-moving process pulling the right collection of people together who are close to the issues and also have decision-making authority to quickly diagnose, make recommendations and begin implementation immediately.

This process serves as both a "macro" and "micro" leadership road map:

  • Macro — for the entire company — because these seven quality criteria provide a roadmap for how your organization should be designed.
  • Micro — for a specific issue — because you can take a single issue and diagnose the misalignments and make recommendations to create solutions.