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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Two assumptions guide our strategic planning facilitation:

  1. Nobody knows your business better than you do.
  2. Strategy is important, but it's execution that counts.

We begin our implementations with a 2-day Focus Session. The outcome of this session is to:

  • Create a draft CEO Plan
  • Articulate a draft version of mission, vision, values, and strategy
  • Become familiar with the Focus & Execute Web-based tool
  • Assign given leaders reporting to a CEO to create their plans

Audience: Senior Leadership team first

The amount of time spent on mission, vision, values and strategy varies depending on where your organization is in their strategic thinking. Some clients are very clear about these elements. If so, we move on. However, many clients think they are clear about mission, vision, values and strategy, but when examined and compared to guidelines, there is a need to re-visit and re-articulate.

With draft plans created for the senior leaders, we do an Alignment Session. This is a robust and enlightening meeting. Each leader reviews their plan with the senior leadership team as we look for:

  • Alignment
  • Misalignment
  • Gaps (what's missing)
  • Redundancies
  • Consistent language

Feedback is given and changes to the leaders' plan are made immediately using the web tool. The outcome of an Alignment Session is vertical alignment (with the CEO) and horizontal alignment (with peers).

At the conclusion of the Alignment Session, the team commits to meet in 30 days for a Monthly Business Review. The purpose of this review is for the leadership team to:

  • Review results & progress
  • Recognize success
  • Make adjustments
  • Hold leaders accountable for results

This process is at the heart of authentic leadership. It is very difficult to stray from strategic priorities or consistently fail to perform if Monthly Business Reviews occur consistently and in the spirit of helpfulness. These reviews "expose reality." Authentic leaders deal with reality (or as Jim Collins says in Good to Great, "face the brutal facts") and don’t finger-point and blame. Effective leaders reconnect to strategic priorities, make adjustments if necessary, make the issue "the issue" (therefore it's not a personal attack).