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Executive Coaching

Once strategy has been articulated, Focus & Execute provides Executive Coaching around three core behaviors required to build a focus and execute a culture of discipline:

  • Creating a personal plan within the Focus & Execute tool
  • One-on-one discussions
  • Monthly business reviews

Creating a Personal Plan

The "secret sauce" to Focus & Execute's leadership plan is for every leader to have a "Focus & Execute plan" with their name on it. This behavior begins with the CEO and is cascaded down throughout the organization. Magical things happen when a person’s name is attached next to the things they agree to do.

One-on-one discussions

This is a one-on-one meeting between a leader and his/her direct report. The purpose is to be perfectly aligned with each other regarding expectations, work plans and scorecards. These one-on-one discussions should happen at least monthly and are great preparation for the monthly business reviews. An effective one-on-one allows the leader to "dive below the surface" on issues.

Monthly Business Reviews

The purpose of the monthly business review is for the leadership team to: Review results and progress

  • Recognize success
  • Make adjustments
  • Hold leaders accountable for results

This process is at the heart of authentic leadership. It is very difficult to stray from strategic priorities or consistently fail to perform if monthly business reviews occur consistently and in the spirit of helpfulness. These reviews "expose reality." Authentic leaders deal with reality (or as Jim Collins says in Good to Great, "face the brutal facts") and don’t finger-point and blame. Effective leaders reconnect to strategic priorities, make adjustments if necessary, make the issue "the issue" (therefore it’s not a personal attack).

As trusted advisors, we work closely with the CEO as we prepare for the four-phase implementation. This is obviously a relationship business. The CEOs we work with count on us to tell them the truth — sometimes when others are hesitant.

We are extraordinarily passionate about process. We know from experience with hundreds of clients that there are very basic leadership principles that, if applied, will yield tremendous results.