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Our Approach

Strategy is important, but it is execution that counts. We help leaders execute.

We help organizations close the execution gap as we guide leaders through a 4-phase implementation:

4 Phase

Principles to Think About:

  • Strategy is important, but it's execution that counts!
  • Leadership, not software
  • A document is the tangible evidence of thought
  • What gets measured gets done

When to use Focus & Execute:

  • Strategic Planning: Our Focus & Execute tool provides simple strategic planning process. Many of our clients have taken their existing plans and put them in our format for ease-of-use, communicating and aligning with a Board of Directors.
  • Balanced Scorecard: If you have an existing Balanced Scorecard, Focus & Execute Leadership is an effective way to cascade scorecards to every leader in the organization.
  • Poor Results: You will measure bottom-line metrics that are most meaningful to the organization. Graphs will go up, and so will results. This is fundamental, get-back-to-the-basics leadership.
  • Performance Management: Focus & Execute Leadership makes results — not the person — the issue. A document becomes tangible evidence of agreement and eliminates conflict resulting from violated expectations.

You may not want to use our Center if:

  • This is not training or "chicken soup for the soul" approach.
  • Your CEO doesn't appreciate detail, forward thinking or relentless execution

What You Will Have

  • Senior leader-driven plans: The CEO will have a plan representing the company's plan.
  • Balanced scorecard: Our scorecard graphically tracks and reports key performance indicators.
  • Alignment: Every leader will have their individual plan aligned with the CEO plan.
  • Strategic focus: All plans will be linked to strategic goals. The work that really matters will get done!
  • Accountability: Work plans will graphically show percent completed on each leader's priorities.
  • Monthly business reviews: Leaders will conduct monthly business reviews with "teeth in them."
  • Web-based tool: Available to anyone your organization chooses.